Adventures Across 2015 have started — in a Sensory Deprivation Tank!

New year, new adventures, and new website (because my URL is now:, instead of …2014…).   If you’d like to continue following the crazy things I try, I’m afraid you’ll have to re-follow me on that site.  But hopefully you will.  I’ll be blogging on, as it helps keep me on track with my resolution.  As do my friends!  The Sensory Deprivation Tank is my first official adventure of 2015, and was a birthday gift from my friend Kari.  It was a very weird experience….  Check it out on the new site!

Next up, the Polar Bear Plunge.  I think.  I still need to psych myself up for that one…

Thanks again to all for following me this past year, and for your encouragement.  I hope you will join me for the next year too.  I’ll send a couple more notices on this site as the adventures happen, but then everything will switch over to the other blog.  It is a new year, with new possibilities, after all.

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