Fenugreek and Marshmallow

New food attempt 1: Fenugreek.  It had a rather bizarre name, so I bought it at the grocery store, thinking I would be trying something new.  But internet research has shown that it is a common ingredient in imitation maple syrup.  I ate a lot of imitation maple syrup in college.  So I’m afraid eating fenugreek technically won’t qualify as my adventure for the week.  It is also a common ingredient in Indian food.  So I may try using it as a light spice, or make a tea out of it, both of which are relatively common.  At the spice level, Web MD considers it LIKELY SAFE.  But then I read this:

1. “When used in higher concentrations as a folk medicine for multiple supposed cures (not yet supported by scientific testing), one side effects includes a “maple syrup” odor in urine.”  hmmm.

2.  [Regarding pregnancy]:  “Taking fenugreek just before delivery may cause the newborn to have an unusual body odor, which could be confused with “maple syrup disease.””  eeeww.

3.  “Some reports have linked fenugreek tea to loss of consciousness in children. An unusual body odor resembling maple syrup may occur in children drinking fenugreek tea.”

4. and more applicable to me:  “fenugreek can affect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes [causing] hypoglycemia.”

As I already have hypoglycemia, I think it is best not to take it.   Hmmm, maybe my fainting spells as a child were linked to having imitation maple syrup.  Okay, yes, I’m stretching it there.  Apparently as a flavoring/spice, it is common, and out there.  So maybe I’ll try some the next time I make Indian food, I just won’t make a tea out of it.

Cool fact:  one of its other names is Bockshornklee.

So new food attempt 2:  marshmallow root.  Yes, there is a marshmallow root that was the origin for marshmallows.  In good old prairie days, it used to be ground and mixed with gelatin and sugar and used to soothe sore throats.  And apparently one can use it nowadays to make “healthy” marshmallows.   As that concept does not appeal to me, I plan on using it to make another recipe with chocolate and toasted coconut that is decidedly not healthy.  But my adventure today was to taste it and try it on its own.  Marshmallow root looks like white wood shavings, and tastes like chewy dried mushrooms.  It’s not bad actually.  But I think it is best ground up and mixed with something, like vegan gelatin and then graham crackers and chocolate.   Because otherwise this would be a very boring food.

Adventures aren’t always exciting it seems.  ;-).


P.S.  Another new thing I did this week was sit in box seats at a concert.  The 75th celebration of Blue Note jazz at the Kennedy Center.  Fantastic seats for a great concert. Thanks Arii!

Before the Blue Note 75th Anniversary  Celebration Concert

Before the Blue Note 75th Anniversary Celebration Concert

House lights in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center.

House lights in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center.

3 thoughts on “Fenugreek and Marshmallow

  1. Your awesome adventures are inspiring me to start a new “Peaceful Places Portland, OR” project. A friend gave me a sweet book of 103 tranquil sites in Portland and I may endeavor to explore and meditate in one new peaceful place per month! I’m grateful to still feel connected even though we are on either side of this beautiful country.

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