The Start of a Blog

In 2011, I tried a New Year’s resolution – to attempt something new every week.  It was an affirming, mind-stretching, challenging experience, that I squeaked by on sometimes (instead of a new activity, sometimes I just ate a bizarre fruit).   But it was fun.  Now, after outside challenges imposed themselves in 2012 and 2013, this year my resolution is to take on my own challenges and explore the world again, being a bit more adventuresome.

So why the blog?  To help keep me on track, and hopefully to gather ideas from others as to options. 

The objective:  Try something new each week for the year 2014.

The rules:  The something new has to be a truly new type of action for me; for instance, a new fruit or vegetable that I have never eaten before.  I’m vegetarian, so there will be no eating of bizarre insects, thank you.  But I am prepared for my taste buds to be disgusted, bored, or enthralled.

Preferably, I’ll be looking into new activities, those that involve a little effort or courage.  A new movie, concert, or a new restaurant does not count.  It has to be a new type of music in a new concert hall, a new city, a new type of art class.  Every week.   Hot-air ballooning is on the list, as is going to see a roller derby. Some weeks will be small, quick things (as I do sometimes have deadlines at work), but at least one activity per month has to be ‘a big deal.’

Examples:  in 2011, I went swimming in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico, ate long and tough beans, went mushrooming, ate a persimmon, took a painting class, went to New Orleans, joined a march on Washington, and drank basil seed tea (ugh), among other items.

The goal:  This time, I want to get a little bit more adventuresome.  I have been renovating my 1915 rowhouse – and though that has been a set of adventures all on its own (omigod – the radiator disaster!), this year I seek to get out of my house more in order to explore, to help save the world, and to meet new people.  In other words, to stretch and grow.

Famous quote to go with this:   A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.  (apparently, though still discussed, attributed to Salt from My Attic by John A. Shedd, Portland Maine, the Mosher Press 1928).


So what is it this week, January 1, 2014?  Starting a blog of course.  But stay tuned.  Next week I am off to Quebec to go snowshoeing.

5 thoughts on “The Start of a Blog

  1. Well, you know that I’m a fount of random physical activities so let me know when you want to borrow a unicycle, underwater hockey gear, ropes, etc… also lots of cool tools that you could learn how to use on your house 😉

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