Modern jazz at an old joint

There’s nothing like finally following through on something.  I love blues immensely.  I am not so much a fan of smooth jazz – unless it is live.  But a request to join a friend at Blues Alley in DC helped get me out and to a venue that I’ve wanted to go to for years.  Blues Alley has been around since 1965, when it used to feature Dizzie Gillespie, among others.  It is the “nation’s oldest continuing jazz supper club,”  according to the website. And it is in an alley.

The alley of Blues

The alley of Blues, courtesy of Albert

I can’t believe I hadn’t gone there before.  What a great suggestion.  So this counts towards my new adventure for my deadline-filled week. We had front row seats for Kevin Eubanks, former lead of the Tonight Show band under Jay Leno, and his music varies from eclectic jazz, to lovely jazz/blues songs.  I was definitely a fan of the latter more than the former, but it was all a nice time.   Just a great, old, brick-basement blues club – with some fantastic wine by the way.

Anyway, here is a picture pre-concert showing off our seats (no photos allowed during the concert.)

Thank you Albert for the idea, and for taking the picture with you better smartphone camera!

Thank you Albert for taking the picture with your better smartphone camera!

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