Storytelling at Speakeasy DC

Rien – thank you.  Going to Speakeasy DC at U Street last night was a wonderful idea.  I had a fantastic time listening to the storytelling about people’s “close calls” – and hanging out with you of course.  It’s been a while since the two of us just hung out!  And the speakers chosen were very good – including the new ones who had only had a day of training.   All the stories were so different – that I am not sure I have a favorite. (I am just bummed we missed the first story, but that Ethiopian food beforehand was grand.)  The Jeff Little Sparkle Doughnut pug story was hilarious, and the brother-looking-after-his-little-sister story was funny as well, but also just nice.  And I liked the 12-year-old evading the police in a joyride, and the stories about the close call with suicide and the heavy-drinking – though I know the latter two were a little too personal for you at times even if a lot of humor was involved.  But I guess my two favorites were the ones about the hitchhikers’ escape in Sicily, and about the woman traveling with an expired passport.  All so well told!  Thank you for the idea – and I want to go back!

So, I just now looked up what speakeasy meant, from the Online Etymology Dictionary.  I knew it referred to an old-time bar, but now I realize it referred to a an illegal prohibition-era bar, one that was spoken about softly, i.e., speakeasy.  I think that the phrase really works for this storytelling venue. It was large, packed bar/dance hall (with alcohol), but when the speakers spoke, people became quiet (except when laughing) and appreciative.

Sometime, Rien, I’ll return the favor and take you to a poetry slam.  I used to love to go to those, but I can’t find the place I used to go to online.  But here’s a list of potentials:

What fun.  Thanks!



Storytelling at  SpeakeasyDC




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