Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

This post will be short compared to the last post, as Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is a small town, and a nice mellow time.  It has beautiful old buildings, cute shops and art galleries, great views of where the Potomac and Shenadoah rivers meet, and a few people walking around in Civil War era clothing.  Harpers Ferry, btw, is the site where abolitionist John Brown tried to start a rebellion in 1859, and was caught and hanged.  Other battles occurred here once the Civil War started.   It is also the site where Meriweather Lewis stocked up on supplies for his and Clark’s journey west.  The town screams history.  And shopping.  My friend Kari was my tour guide for both the history part and the great shops – especially the pottery shop and the bookstore.  Thanks Kari – and my nephew Andy will thank you too when he gets the books I bought him. 🙂

Actually, Kari and I did more shopping afterwards in the nearby town of Shepherdstown, which also screams history and has great shops – just more of them.  Shepherdstown also has a good art and music scene I understand from Kari and my friend Marcia.  Here is the old Opera House, used still for plays and music.

The Opera House in Shepherdstown

The Opera House in Shepherdstown

All-in-all, a great relaxing, albeit cold, Sunday.  And a chance to finally see Harpers Ferry, about which I had heard so much.   I’d like to go back on a sunny warm day, and hike partly on the Appalachian trail which comes right to the town.  And someone told me about a zip line….  Plus, it’d be good to actually want to eat at all the ice cream shops…

3 thoughts on “Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

  1. Excellent post! I visited Harpers Ferry and loved the area so much, I decided to live here.

    I hate to be the fly in the ointment. But we mountaineers take something quite seriously. Harpers Ferry is in WEST Virginia, not Virginia. Otherwise, great photos and great write–up about our little town.

    And I definitely recommend visiting in the warmer months. The historic part of town takes on a completely new dynamic, full of tourists and frequent reenactments. And the ice cream IS amazing!

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