Hi all,

Due to deadlines, training at work, house renovations, and a lovely bbq at my friend Karen’s, I’m going to squeak by this week on my goal to try something new.  Instead of a new activity, I’m trying a new food.  So this week’s post in the-glorified-scrapbook-that-is-my-blog will be short and bitter. 

Wait – bitter? 

Yes, because I picked up at the farmer’s market a leafy green called Tatsoi, which happens to look a lot like spinach, but tastes more mustard-y and somewhat bitter.  When I tasted it at the farmer’s market – despite warnings from the vendor – I thought it wasn’t bad.  But once at home – I needed a whole lot of lettuce in my salad to balance the taste.

And yet, once cooked (braised in butter, olive oil, and sea salt), it was a wonderful compliment to potatoes and deviled eggs. 

For those who know that I’m vegetarian – those are fake ‘beef’ tips mixed in with the potatoes – and quite tasty.

There’s no more to say other than I’m not sure how often I’ll buy it, as it was rather expensive, but at least now I know what ‘tatsoi’ is.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s ‘adventure.’  🙂


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