Candlemaking with my Dad

I am home for Christmas, way, way out in the country, where adventures are difficult to come by unless I was to borrow either the megatruck or the megatractor to go tens of miles into town – where there still would be little new to do.  Dad offered to let me castrate a calf, but this vegetarian refused.  I have pretty much done everything else possible on the farm/ranch over the years though, such as:  built fence, clipped duck wings, wormed goats and trimmed their hooves, helped round up lost cows, harvested apples and pears, made preserves, and walked in the fields at midnight to admire the stars.

But I had a memory from when I was a tween or so, of my dad making candles.  He hasn’t done it since, so I suggested that we do that together.  Dad had to mentally shift gears from being a rancher trying to get a barn rebuilt, to someone who could actually pause and catch his breath.  But when we started digging out the old candle-making equipment, he started to get really excited, as did I.  Mom also has made candles, which I didn’t know about, but she encouraged my father and I to do this just the two of us.  (Of course, we asked her for advice on how to do this, which she gamely gave). So here is the action!  The picture of the final candles will be added tomorrow, as they have to cool overnight.

And here is the final candle, one of them anyway.

This turned out nice, although the jasmine/cinnamon scent is a potent combination.  You can see that the middle part of the candle has more of a crystallized effect, that’s where I added a more congealed wax, so that the crystals wouldn’t sink.  Look at me sounding all professional.  But one could really experiment here….

And I think this may be the last adventure for 2014.  We’ll see if I can squeeze in another one, so stay tuned.

P.S.  I just came across this website of candle-making terms, which gives a hint for how complicated candle-making can get:

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