Red Bean Ice Cream and a Korean bathhouse

The key new thing here is the red bean ice cream.  I have actually been to this same Korean bathhouse before.  But as I am still recovering from my respiratory infection, I couldn’t take on an major outdoor or other really adventuresome adventure this week.   Saunas, hot stones, and whirlpools were much more my speed – and definitely the best birthday present for my friend Kari, who I knew would love it.   The spa is in shopping mall and goes by the innocuous name Spa World, but once inside, it definitely has a modern, Korean feel (all signs are dual Korean and English).  Stone walls, big bathing areas (same sex only), and 7 different hot saunas, ranging from salt-covered walls, to lying on marbles, to clay walls, to beautiful amethyst crystals.  There are also chill baths and chill rooms.  For the rest phase, there is a giant floor area with mats, where families hang out, people lie down and take a nap, or others read.  Big cushy chairs are just outside a really good Korean restaurant.  All of which I had tried before (though Kari hadn’t).  About 40% of the folks there today were Koreans, Korean-Americans of all ages, but it also was a very diverse mix of folks.   It was a very nice day.

But I still needed to “try something new this week;” it was the last day of the week, and I had been too sick to do anything before (or too busy with work.)  I had thought about going to an old mill in a park in DC that I’ve never been in; it was going to be a quick stop on my way home.  But then I saw on the menu bibibig, an ice cream bar made with red beans.


It was very good, yet weird.  Too weird, even though I kept snacking on it.  It tasted sweet and milky, and yes, like, red beans.  It was not something I had ever seen before.  And not something I will ever have again.  But it was interesting to try.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures inside the spa.  (I snuck the ice cream bar into the locker area to take a relatively bad picture of it there.)  You’ll just have to see the website for views of the various saunas, etc.  The amethyst room (temperature 156 deg Fahrenheit), was very lovely.    I wish the website had a picture of the the chill room – where the walls were made of ice crystals.

Next week, I’ll be touring 4 different cities in Oklahoma (for work), and have plans to see at least one of a list of things.  I’m not sure what it will be yet, but I am hoping for the Blue Whale of Catoosa.

Til next week!


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