Aaahh, the company picnic brings a new adventure in the form of HAMSTERBALL!  They are officially called Super Zorb Balls, but we all called them Hamsterballs.


There are two ways to experience a hamsterball – one is to walk inside it – causing it to move.  Luckily this is within a rubber-lined track, to keep me from careening down a hill.

The other way is to strap yourself in, while others push you (thanks Christine!), and you roll inside, sometimes hanging upside down.  Both were fun, but the last one was the best.

And warning – according to the guy who went ahead of me, it was incredibly hot inside.  I’m a tropical girl, and it was quite comfortable for me, but some others might find it uncomfortable.  I’m sure there must be little vents for air, but if you are busy running around in a little hamster ball, I could see it getting pretty toasty.  But my short trip was worth it.

Cool beans,


p.s.  All photos were taken by Christine – contact her if you want to pay royalties for use. ;-).

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