SE Oklahoma, aka Indian Nation

Oklahoma – again.  I am getting to know Oklahoma more than I would have ever guessed. Work and family have been taking me there a lot lately. Now, when I go, I try to see different sections of it, because … Continue reading

Sharks at the National Aquarium

Twenty-two years in DC, and I have never been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland – a hour or two drive.  Friends have looked surprised whenever I mentioned that, but I just never get up there.  So my friend … Continue reading

Seneca Rocks and Canaan Valley, West Virginia

Friends’ cabin + gorgeous fall weather + mountains + good friends (who did the driving) = a lovely, needed weekend.  I had never been to that area of West Virginia (Canaan Valley) and it was beautiful.  The trees had lost … Continue reading

Emergency Drill Actor – Part 2

I survived, I think. I made it to the ambulance anyway. So this is a follow-up to Sunday’s blog, where I had mentioned I was on my way to be an actor in full-scale emergency exercise.  This exercise was held … Continue reading